Run fab-approved test scenarios for E84 and SECS message communications on equipment

DiDaCT is a flexible testing product that semiconductor OEMs use to run fab-approved scenarios – e.g., SEMI E84 (Carrier Handoff) test plans – for equipment.

Fabs are continually striving to reduce their cycle time waste as product moves throughout the factory. By standardizing manufacturing automation requirements across all OEMs within the factory, fabs have the opportunity to accelerate tool integration with factory applications and to optimize their material transport logistics efficiency. By executing fab specific test plans that mimic the entire material delivery and processing cycle, OEMs can ensure closer alignment to the fab requirements and shorten their equipment integration time within the fab.

SECS and SEMI E84 testing

DiDaCT (Digital Data & Control Tester) is a flexible test scenario application that combines SEMI E84 testing, using PEER Group’s E84 Service Box, alongside SECS message communications. DiDaCT test plans are used in semiconductor as well as solar / photovoltaic (PV) industries. Using fab approved test plans, integrated with E84 tests for full cycle equipment software testing, reduces the fab’s manufacturing automation variability across OEMs, and accelerates the equipment’s ramp to production.

  • Consistent manufacturing automation requirements compliance
  • Reduction in manufacturing variability
  • Improved cycle time
  • Shorten fab ramp up time
  • Stronger collaboration between fab and equipment OEMs

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