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Test automation scenarios or basic SECS/GEM communication

SECSIM Pro®+ is a simple test harness that semiconductor OEMs use to write scripts to test automation scenarios, or send individual SECS messages to test basic SECS/GEM communication.

SECSIM Pro+, the latest in the product family that included SECSMON™, SECSIM® and SECSIM Pro®, provides efficient and cost-effective simulation of either a host or equipment according to SEMI E4 or SEMI E37 SECS communications.

The SECSIM family of test products is the most commonly used SECS testing software for semiconductor, solar / photovoltaic (PV), LED, MEMS and other high technology equipment. Engineers from fabrication and assembly plants routinely share SECSIM Pro+ scripts with their equipment suppliers, ensuring that incoming equipment meets factory requirements.

Build fast and easy simulators

  • Approved for GEM compliance testing.
  • Captures host information, supporting host development and verification.
  • Displays SECS messages with scrolling run-time log.
  • Supports multiple SECS ports simultaneously.
  • Multi-tasking capability monitors messages.
  • Large message size (> 100 MB capability).
  • C development environment for user program implementation.

SECSIM Pro+ runs on a variety of Windows operating systems including Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. Visit technology support for details.

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