SEMI Standards

How IRDS impacts the SEMI Standards

IRDS LogoThe International Roadmap for Devices and Systems™ (IRDS) is a 15-year roadmap under IEEE sponsorship that outlines industry indicators and trends to quantify technology and system requirements. It aims to provide a clear outline regarding the development of electronic devices and systems to simplify coordination between academic, manufacturing, supply, and research groups.

Previously known as the International Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors (ITRS), the name changed in 2016 to reflect a broader focus on the entire electronics supply chain. IRDS looks at several focus areas – each managed by an International Focus Team (IFT) – including Outside System Connectivity, More Moore, and Factory Integration.

Many of the topics covered by the Factory Integration sub-team impact the SEMI Standards. How?

  • IRDS identifies problem areas expected in the next 15 years, e.g., “We will need to deal with Big Data”.
  • Academics and industry experts explore solutions through R&D, e.g., “Perhaps HTTP/2 will go faster?”.
  • SEMI Standards codify into industry standards, e.g., “Integrate HTTP/2 with gRPC and Protocol Buffers into EDA Freeze 3”.

You can get a free copy of the IRDS roadmap at