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Learning to Share: Securing data access in a paranoid industry

Learning to shareThese slides were presented at the Advanced Process Control (APC) Conference.

Data lies at the very heart of APC, driving improvements across the entire manufacturing process and supply chain. Data enables run-to-run (R2R) control, fault detection and classification (FDC) and much more, including newer Smart Manufacturing initiatives like machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Access to data, both historical and real-time, is an absolute requirement before any APC efforts can even begin. However, secure data access is a serious challenge in the semiconductor industry. Many OEMs are unwilling to share data that could reveal their process secrets to other tool makers or their end customers. Fabs are reluctant to share information that could leak out to their competitors. Even fab customers have strict requirements around secrecy: no one wants an upcoming product feature to leak ahead of a planned release date.

Given these constraints to data sharing and data security, how can progress be made? How can we share data with those who need it, while protecting that same data from those who should not have access to it? In this tutorial, we will present the basics of secure data access, covering the concerns and solutions at a holistic level by considering the technologies, processes, standards, and best practices both from within semiconductor manufacturing and from other industries. In addition to examining the current state of the industry, we will look at future trends and upcoming possibilities that could be unlocked through access to more data.

This tutorial is structured so that all data users — from novices to experts — will benefit from a deeper understanding of how to protect the data you are already using, and how to better negotiate safe and secure access to data that might not be shared otherwise.

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