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More data, faster: next-gen EDA standards

Growing demands for collecting and managing Big Data have renewed focus on the Equipment Data Acquisition (EDA, Interface A) SEMI® Standards, which provide a high-speed data collection framework for gathering large volumes of data from equipment. As part of EDA Freeze 3 development, the Data Diagnostic Acquisition (DDA) Task Force under the SEMI Information & Control Standards Technical Committee wrote a new standard, SEMI E179-0320: Specification for Protocol Buffers Common Components. Leveraging gRPC with Protocol Buffers in the EDA Standards improves network performance and enables faster data transfer.

For more details, read the SEMI Standards Watch article we co-authored: More Data, Faster, with the Next Generation of SEMI Equipment Data Acquisition (EDA) Standards.

You might also be interested in this article that we wrote: Next-Generation SEMI Equipment Data Acquisition (EDA) Standards: Leveraging HTTP/2 Technology to Provide Better, More Efficient Data Transfers.

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