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Next-gen communication in back end factories

SEMI’s Smart Manufacturing workshops bring together industry experts to discuss how to deploy Smart Manufacturing techniques into all levels of the electronics supply chain. Some of the challenges that arise deal with the flow of materials and data, security, and communications. One area of concern throughout the industry is identifying communication protocols and standards that can be deployed into the back end to move back end manufacturing towards higher levels of automation and advanced analytics.

Modernization efforts require enhanced data collection, and gathering data efficiently requires standardized collection techniques. Identifying the best option requires an understanding of what makes a good standard. We see four primary criteria:

  1. Narrow, specific focus
  2. “Just right” level of detail
  3. A living document that evolves as new information comes to light
  4. The standard is tested and proven in real-world manufacturing environments

Of all the standards available, the SEMI automation standards best meet these requirements. SEMI SECS/GEM and EDA standards provide a tested and proven baseline for data collection and automation. While updates are required for these standards to be deployed easily to the back end, building on a solid existing base is more logical and efficient that trying to create a new standard from scratch.

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