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SEMI standards affected by EDA Freeze 3

The SEMI Diagnostic Data Acquisition (DDA) Task Force is working on several changes in preparation for EDA Freeze 3. One of the biggest pieces is to integrate HTTP/2 using gRPC and Protocol Buffers into the EDA (Interface A) standards for performance and functional benefits. This work is being done as part of the following SNARFs[1]:

Additionally, the main SEMI EDA standards are being updated to add new functionality, address better ways to organize information, and address issues found in EDA Freeze 2. The corresponding SNARFs for this work include:

The DDA Task Force is always looking for interested people to participate in standards development and to help the task force work through the details related to gRPC / Protocol Buffers.

Contact us for more information.

[1] SNARF stands for “Standard New Activity Report Form” and is the SEMI process that results in a new or updated SEMI standard.

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