PEER trademarks

The following list of PEER trademarks has been provided for your convenience only, and PEER reserves the right, in its discretion, to update or revise this list at any time. The absence of a name, logo or other trademark or service mark of PEER from this list does not constitute a waiver of any or all intellectual property rights or other proprietary rights that PEER may have in such name, logo, trademark or service mark, or in any product, feature or service related thereto.

Registered trademarks (®)

Registered trademarks of The PEER Group Inc. in the United States and Canada:

  • PEER®
  • PEER Group®

Registered trademarks of PEER Intellectual Property Inc. in the United States:

  • EIB®
  • GWGEM®
  • PTO®
  • SECS4Hosts®
  • SECSIM PRO® (use “SECSIM Pro®+” for new product references)

Trademarks (™)

Trademarks of PEER Intellectual Property Inc. in the United States and Canada:

  • CCS Envoy™
  • CCS Protocol™
  • CCS Test™
  • ConX300™
  • DMF™
  • FAST Framework™
  • FAST FW™
  • GEM4Tools™
  • NexEDA™
  • OBEM XP™
  • PEER® EDA Tuner™
  • PEER® FAST 200™
  • PEER® FAST 300™
  • PFAT™
  • PFSC™
  • Plex4SECS™
  • portA™
  • Remicus™
  • RxES™
  • SDR™
  • SDRPlus™
  • SSL™

Logo trademark references:

  • ConX300 logo
  • SECSIM Pro+ logo
  • PEER Group logo
PEER Group logo with tagline
PEER Group logo
White PG Logo