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Is your factory cyber-safe?

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Have you ever wondered whether your factory is protected adequately against potential cyber threats? Can the equipment makers (OEMs) installing tools in your factory guarantee they won’t introduce a virus?

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Some legacy equipment runs operating systems that are so old, they do not support virus scanning. OEMs that cannot scan for viruses on their tools run the risk of infecting your entire factory with a virus. To be cyber-safe, each tool in your factory needs the latest operating system and the latest versions of all automation software products.

Place the following requirements on your OEMs to ensure they cannot cause factory-wide downtime:

  1. Upgrade all tools to modern-day operating systems that support virus scanning.
  2. Install our newest connectivity software on their equipment and enter into a continuous support and maintenance program with us to ensure they always get the latest versions of our software products. They can also support new technologies and new factory requirements, and maintain their tools in production.
  3. Use our secure remote connectivity product, Remicus™, to perform remote virus scans on all files they move into your factory, manage their ongoing equipment maintenance activities to keep tools up to date, audit tools to address software end of service (EOS) issues, and avoid costly downtime.

Help your factory stay risk-free

Contact us to learn how our factory automation software products and professional services will provide the insurance you need to keep your factory cyber-safe.

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